Rotary Nomads  (Rotary E-Club of Australia Nomads)

Happy Charter Day!

The Rotary Nomads Storyboard The Rotary Nomads storyboard (see link at bottom of this page) was created to make it easy to explain to people what we do. It has been designed to be read in seconds because the visuals do the explaining. Storyboards are extensions of the first non-verbal forms of human communication. They are the modern day equivalent of a cave drawing. They were the very first communication designed to last over time. They usually featured animals on cave walls - not as majestic art forms but as instructional pictures for their survival menu. These days we use them as "look and learn" visuals. They are very helpful for those with less eye sight [30% of pop'n] less literate [7% of pop'n] and non English speakers [over 34% of pop'n]. Here are some ways to use it:  email as a link to friends, send it as an attachment to friends, print a copy and hand it to people, talk about it and suggest people visit the website to view it. Rotary Nomads President Greg Fallon said: "Our Rotary Nomads storyboard is designed to be visually read in seconds and the style has been independently evaluated as being very helpful for non English speakers, less literate Australians and those with sight impairment." "All too often we tend to forget there are many new and older Australian who have had limited access to universities and higher education opportunities. We hope that our actions to be inclusive of all Australians is a small step to bringing people together to understand and join Rotary's community service work. "We also hope over time to use the storyboard method to send out other socially important messages to the Australian community." President Greg Fallon Rotary Nomads of Australia Enjoy and show it to anyone who is interested! Click below to open our storyboard. Rotary Nomads Storyboard